Our vision for the community

Our vision is to be an open and welcoming Centre at the heart of the community and reach area where a range of quality services and learning opportunities are accessible, affordable and enjoyable for young children and those who care for them.

Our aim is to be a fully integrated Centre providing support for families with young children in our reach area where we:

  • Promote their health and physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.
  • Promote equality for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, age, ability, disability and social circumstances.
  • Promote a partnership with parents and with others to support children’s progress and emotional strength.
  • Offer extended services and develop parent’s involvement in activities responsive to their identified needs.
  • Provide outreach and home visiting support for families.
  • Seek ongoing evaluation from parents to support continuing development.
  • Provide an integrated education and childcare base in an environment where children can flourish and be valued, where they can develop their creativity and make full use of the outside learning environment.

The Vision was ratified at the Governing Body Meeting on Tuesday 12th July 2016.