Poppies is a special place for our very youngest children.
This is often the first time children have regularly separated from their parents and we therefore ensure that each child's settling in period is personalised to suit their needs and planned with their parents all the way. Children's individual routines from home are followed at the Centre and meal and sleep times are adapted to suit these.

We look after a maximum of 9 children per day in this room, working on a minimum ratio of 1:3 adults to children.
Staff in the Poppy room work from 8am to 6pm so that they can be there when the children are dropped off and picked up. This ensures consistency for the children and allows for effective communication between parents and staff.

Upon starting in Cherry, each child is allocated a Key Person. We believe the relationship between a child, their parents and their Key Person is extremely important and should be built upon trust. The Key Person is responsible for observing and assessing their key child's learning and development. This is done on a daily basis and is fedback to parents both verbally and through their Learning Journey. Please click here to read our Learning and Teaching (Curriculum) Policy.

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