Children learn and develop through play, care and nurture. A wide range of play opportunities are offered to the children each day and in Poppies there is a weekly foci on language, physical and social/emotional development.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and plan activities on a daily basis according to children's individual interests and developmental needs. The child's Key Person is responsible for supporting their development and learning and regularly gives feedback to their parents on this. Any concerns about a child's development are also shared with their parents and our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator is there to provide additional expertise should a child require extra support.

Bluebells and Daisies
Activities in Bluebells and Daisies are created with the developmental needs of a two year old in mind. We allow plenty of space in the rooms so that children can extend their physical skills as well as play with their friends. We have enough resources to enable all children to play, but we also support them in developing their key skills, such as turn taking and sharing.

Children are encouraged to go outside every day and outdoor activities are planned for with the same care and attention as inside. We have climbing equipment, bicycles, a sand pit, water play and art activity stations to name just a few of the things on offer! Recently we have added a mud kitchen and extended our natural area to cater for Forest School inspired activities. We have a member of staff who is trained as a Forest School practitioner, leading on the development of this area of the curriculum. Children also grow their own vegetables and fruit and are able to explore our newly developed sensory area- this is all part of supporting the holistic development of the child.

It is very common for children at this age to practice things repeatedly. Many parents ask us if playing the same games over and over again is normal, or if they should worry about obsessions over characters such as ‘Thomas the Tank Engine ‘or ‘Peppa Pig’- this is all part of normal development. These small ‘obsessions’ relate to schemas and to how children make sense of the world. It is their way of practicing doing things and eventually, they will move on to new things.
We capture children’s schemas through observations and record them in their Learning Journeys. Please click here for more information on Schemas.