Welcome to our activity page - here we will try to add new activities ever so often. We have tried to make them as easy for you as possible. Try and play for 10-15 minutes in the morning and your child will be able to add their imagination. Having an adult who can engage in playful chit-chat and conversation will help reading as well as personal & social development. Also, you may have noticed our link in the corner of this page. Head up to the icon and it will take you straight to our You Tube and Face book pages. More activities are also available in the drop-down from the above 'Activities to try at home'.

Games to play inside:

Try this for fun when having a bath Bathtime

A really easy activity - blowing and making. Maze

Something fun to do with IT. ​​​​​​ ​Virtual games

Games to play outside:

Try this - fun with drawing. Ronnie's shadow

A walk exploring counting and early reading Stourbridge Walk Instructions
Follow the walk step by step:
1 2 3 4

Numbers and other fun Out and about 2

More things to do outside Out and about 3

A look at early science outside Out and About 4